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JAPANESE Companies namely Mitsubishi Corpn., Marubeni (I) Pvt. Ltd., Sumitomo Corpn. Nichemen Corpn., Tomen Corpn., Kane Matsu Corpn., Sharp Corpn.

GERMAN Company are Schenkar, Howaldwerk Hensctne Werft (HDW), Crompton Greaves, Essab, DSR Senator Lines, Hartmann & Barun, ABC Nakufreight, BASF, Chimie, Siemens, Hoescht, Mercedes-Benz, Philips Medical Systems Ltd., etc.

AMERICAN Companies are Chemtex Engg. Inc., Gemex Trading Ltd., Du Pont, American Bureau of Shipping, Brown & Root Int., Dual Drilling Company etc.

BRITISH Companies are namely ICIM Ltd., Westland Helicopters, P&O Container Ltd., Hewelett Packard Ltd., B.O.C. Ltd.


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