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Shellpack is an esteemed group, which is serving to the customer since the last 3 decades. The company was originated by the assistance of the Late D.R. Kulkarni, who pioneered the Custom House clearing Agency and Forwarding Services in post independance period. As the days rolled and the growth of the company accelerated;on the basis of the customerís demand the packing division originated and started providing the service separately with self entity with the most service minded approach associating with the most experienced and business professional service oriented Mr.R.E.Dass. In cooperation and collabroting with overseas, support and high profile executives of the allied industries.

SHELL is a container with a soft inner surface where the valuable are inside in a packed condition. SHELLPACK works certify exactly the name of the company and then moves around the world with the client's valuables, with full safe and sound condition. It is so good that mostly it do not require the service of the underwritters (Insurance Co.)


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